The MGA is the largest and oldest golf association. The association has been around since the early 19th century, providing golfers good range and golf clubs with several services and programs. The MGA officially took effect in the early 1900s after being reviewed and launched in 1897 in New York City. Originally the best kitchen faucet producers, MGA was and is still mandated to conduct tournaments, foster sportsmanship, and promote the game of golf throughout the country. Since then, many golf clubs have joined the association, including the Oak Grove Golf Club.

The Oak Grove Golf Club MGA Open is a two-day event that will take place from 1st June to 2nd June this year. The tournament is a 4-person scramble and is open to golfers of all ages and all levels of skill sets.

To enter the tournament, interested parties should pay a registration fee as follows:

  • Non-Members: $40
  • Silver Member: $15
  • Gold Member: Free

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